Year 4

Daily Message - Friday 9th October Week 1: 05/10/20 - 09/10/20

Dear Year 4 Parents and Carers,

And just like that, remote learning has come to an end and WOW what an experience it has been! On Monday we return back to school, could you please ensure that over the weekend your child is getting organised and prepared for the return. Your child needs to ensure they have their hats, drink bottle and the usual packed recess and lunch. We also ask that during the week students return the book boxes with all books. We cannot wait to be joined by students again, and we hope they are feeling the same way too.

The remote learning journey has certainly been quite the experience, and one we will remember for years to come. We would like to thank you all for your support and patience throughout these times. It has been a massive year with many challenges and hurdles faced, but we can happily share how proud we are of every Year 4 student and we look forward to be spending the rest of 2020 together in the classroom!

As always, please feel free to email or contact your child's classroom teacher as we transition to face to face learning.

Many thanks and take care,

Year 4 Team

Elise, Lucy and Michael

A few reminders:

  • Remind your child to click on the Attendance question by 3pm

  • Term 4 all students are required to wear a Hat during outdoor play. Please make sure they bring this with them on Monday

  • With returning to school approaching fast, can you please encourage your child to familiarise themselves with the 'school routine'. This is something the teachers will be practising too. Just a reminder, recess is 10:40-11:10am and Lunch is 12:50-1:50pm.

  • For this week, we will only have one morning 9:15am Webex with the whole year 4 cohort. On Tuesday, students will be invited to have a catch up with their classroom teacher at 9:15am before they begin their Specialist program

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