Year 1

February 2022

Hi Year 1 Parents,

Below you will find a suggested Weekly Schedule in the event that your child is in isolation but still able to manage some home learning. Please contact your child's teacher for passwords in order to access the various learning platforms.

Our Year 1 Team has created a Google Classroom for the Year 1 2022 students and your child has been invited to join this Google Classroom. You can accept this invitation by logging into Google Classroom with your child’s Kingswood Gmail account details.

In Google Classroom you will find various resources that can be printed, or links to learning websites that your child may like to use in order to complete some daily learning tasks.

Please reach out to us if you require any resources to be printed.

The Year 1 Team

Elinor, Neena, Sarah and Cynthia

Here is a lovely picture story book inspired by our time at home during lockdown.

Teaching children and keeping them motivated can be tricky especially when the world is in such a challenging place.

Please remember that your family and your own health and wellbeing is most important during this time. When everyone is feeling happy and safe then learning will fall into place! Follow the lead of your child - we all have days where we can't do things, our calendars feel too full and the thought of getting out of PJ's and brushing our hair seems like too much. If things aren't working for you or your family at any stage, please don't be afraid to stop, give each other a big hug and remind yourself of what is most important. Don't forget to simply let children be little!

In years to come, when we look back at this time, although it has been hard - hopefully we can remember the great times we got to spend together as a family.