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Learning Applications

Login details for these learning applications are accessible on each grade's Google Classroom.

Epic Books

Nessy Spelling


Read Theory

Maths Workbooks

Number and Place Value

Year 2 Number and Place Value.pdf

Year 2

Year 3 Number and Place Value.pdf

Year 3

Year 4 Number and Place Value.pdf

Year 4

Year 5 Number and Place Value.pdf

Year 5

Addition and Subtraction

Year 2 Addition and Subtraction.pdf

Year 2

Year 3 Addition and Subtraction.pdf

Year 3

Year 4 Addition and Subtraction.pdf

Year 4

Year 5 Addition and Subtraction.pdf

Year 5

Multiplication and Division

Year 2 Multiplication and Division.pdf

Year 2

Year 3 Multiplication and Division.pdf

Year 3

Year 4 Multiplication and Division.pdf

Year 4

Year 5 Multiplication and Division.pdf

Year 5


Year 2 Fractions.pdf

Year 2

Year 3 Fractions.pdf

Year 3

Year 4 Fractions.pdf

Year 4

Year 5 Fractions.pdf

Year 5

Reading Worksheets

VCELA246 - Worksheet Only.pdf

Know that different types of texts use different words and layouts

VCELA247 - Worksheet Only.pdf

Understand how to navigate texts

VCELA248 - Worksheet Only.pdf

Identify the way images are put together to influence the audience

VCELA249 - Worksheet Only.pdf

Use strategies to decode unfamiliar words

VCELA250 - Worksheet Only.pdf

Understand texts by applying common word and grammar patterns

VCELT251 - Worksheet Only.pdf

Relate to the experiences read in texts

VCELT252 - Worksheet Only.pdf

Identify what I like about the stories I read

VCELT253 - Worksheet Only.pdf

Use language to understand settings, characters, events and mood

VCELT254 - Worksheet Only.pdf

Understand how language features can impact an audience

VCELY255 - Worksheet Only.pdf

Identify the point of view in a text

VCELY256 - Worksheet Only.pdf

Monitor meaning while reading a range of text types

VCELY257 - Worksheet Only.pdf

Use comprehension strategies to answer questions about a text


Australian Animals Handwriting Booklet.pdf

Australian Animals Handwriting Booklet

Australian Landmarks Handwriting Booklet.pdf

Australian Landmarks Handwriting Booklet

Famous Australians Handwriting Booklet.pdf

Famous Australians Handwriting Booklet

Blank Handwriting Template.pdf

Blank Handwriting Template